Gold IRA Rollover – 401k or IRA Rollover To Tangible Assets

(New York)  Gold as a physical safe-haven asset has experienced a large gain this week – Stock Market volatility, Trade Wars, Democrat control of the House and “anti-bank” comments by Senator Elizabeth Warren today, are spooking investors — Apple stock is down 20% in the last month, and selling by Hedge Funds and mutual fund managers is creating Volatility in 401K and IRA account statements — to the downside.  Bill Gates recently stated we are nearing another “financial crisis”

“Ten years after the financial crisis of 2008, it is now clear that the 2008 bailouts worked too well — for Wall Street, that is. The Dow Jones industrial average is far above its pre-recession highs. Bank earnings and share prices are setting records. The financial crisis is now just a fading memory. In hindsight, it wasn’t that bad, was it?  

When asked if we are likely to face another crisis in the near term, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates answered:

“Yes . . . Fortunately we got through the 2008 one reasonably well.” –Washington Post:

As an alternative IRA, many investors are selecting the Gold IRA rollover –either a former 401K rollover or current IRA in stocks — a tax-free rollover alternative to the volatility and uncertainty ahead, in the next cycle of 5-10 years.

Gold IRA is a physical asset alternative for 401K and IRA holders, who want to protect their retirement assets after a run-up of stock prices created by the Federal Reserve $ 4.5 Trillion “money-printing” campaign since 2008.

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